Our customers rave about our software and services because:

  • Every day we identify exceptions in their process that deserve their attention, possible reasons for the exceptions, what they did the last time the exceptions happened, and recommended actions in a manner that can be read in under two minutes
  • Through the feedback we receive, we share our knowledge library that allows them to take advantage of the hundreds of processes we monitor
  • They don’t have to look at hundreds of trends: if there is a variable outside of its normal operating envelope, we identify it
  • Unlike all other data analytics software, we calculate targets and limits by grade, production rate, or custom query.  Automatically, with daily updates
  • We identify when KPIs changed and what tags changed at the same time.  If chemical costs, breaks on a paper machine, or TRS on a boiler increased on Nov 1, we can tell you every tag in your historian that changed on that day
  • We can evaluate a chemical or clothing trial within minutes, identifying not only what changed, but ensuring the timing of the change matched the trial dates
  • Envoy Process Monitor not only alerts variables outside of their normal limits, it monitors for exceptional variation as well