Excel Files Are Generated Automatically

The Envoy Process Monitor database generates Excel files that contain filtered data from the historian.  This eliminates the need to write cumbersome spreadsheets utilizing historian add-ins to collect data.  This results in a faster and error free method of data analysis

Problems Solved Using the Addin

Users can then use the Envoy Excel add-in with the file generated from Envoy Process Monitor to instantly answer questions such as:

When did a KPI change and what tags changed then?
If chemical costs changed on Nov 15, the Envoy add-in can identify all tags that changed that day

What tags statistically correlate with another tag?
Quickly identify which tags correlate the most with a quality tag

How did my trial perform?
If you run a trial, perhaps from a vendor, Envoy’s add-in allows you to identify the tags that most changed during the trial as well as when they changed.  The timing is critical because if a KPI changed before the trial, then that change is not relevant

I have periods of good and bad performance…what is different between the two?
Envoy will identify the tags that are statistically significant between the two periods, ranked in order of significance, and filtered by timing of the change

How are my flow control loops performing?
Envoy can plot the PV vs CO relationship, identify the correlation and the y=mx+b equation for all control loops in a matter of minutes.