Envoy Development software once again identifies an issue before it becomes a disaster

Last week Envoy Process Monitor identified a motor whose amps were outside of normal limits – about half the normal range. We knew right away this likely a result of belts falling off, a broken shaft, a sheared coupling, etc. We notified our customer to make sure they were aware of it. Several hours later he called to tell us the coupling was sheared and if we had not identified the issue it would have had disastrous consequences. The fact he called me at 8 o’clock on a Friday night was all the validation I needed.

Envoy software calculates the limits of all historian tags automatically – no more hours spent trying to determine them, filtering data when the process is down, specifying control chart rules: we do it all automatically. If a KPI changed 10 days ago, we can tell you exactly what in your historian changed then – and for a price that will astound you.

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