Envoy was recently featured in a presentation at the 2017 PI Users Conference. Watch the presentation for more information on how Envoy improves operational intelligence in real-time.

Oil and Gas

Problem: A large refinery knew they had a yield accounting issue, but did not know when it started and did not know the cause.

Solution: Within an hour, Envoy software identified when the problem began and then identified the cause: the flowmeter measuring flow into the FCC went to zero for 30 minutes the day the problem started. When it came back up, it averaged 900 gpm higher flow than before it went down.

Pulp and Paper

A large paper machine began to suffer high amounts of sheet breaks, substantially degrading efficiency.

Solution: Envoy identified the problem started shortly after they lost the belts on the couch pit agitator – revealed by a drop in amps from 80 to 20. The trim from the couch piled up and as a consequence of stagnating, created a micro-biological problem.

Energy Management

Problem: Envoy software detected boiler efficiency dropped the same day flue gas exit temperature increased, boiler feed water temperature increased, and deaerator steam pressure increased. But why did the efficiency drop?

Solution: The operator increased DA steam pressure, which cause the feedwater to heat up and consequently resulted in less heat transfer in the economizer section.  This is a great example of Envoy detecting an issue the facility did not even know existed.