Still calculating targets and limits for your KPI dashboard?

Envoy Process Monitor identifies targets and limits for all variables in the process using data from your data historian, such as the PI System from OSISoft or Aspen IP.21

Still using trends and spreadsheets to evaluate data from your historian?

Envoy uses more powerful methods to analyze data and display process exceptions

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Why Envoy?

Companies turn to Envoy when they are:

  • Exasperated by issues that should have been identified are missed, causing downtime or higher costs
  • Frustrated by the limitations of using trends and spreadsheets to identify process exceptions
  • Confident that they can track their major KPIs, but concerned thousands of other variables go unnoticed until too late
  • Tired of training new process engineers to use expensive boutique software only to see them leave the position and turn that software into shelf-ware
  • Apprehensive that the knowledge of older workers is not captured and codified
  • Skeptical of data provided by PMC and chemical vendors when evaluating performance
  • Aware that engineers with deep process knowledge are invaluable, but just can’t afford them
  • Feel pinched by larger vendors who do less but charge more

Our customers rave about our software and services because:

  • Every day we identify exceptions in their process that deserve their attention, possible reasons for the exceptions, what they did the last time the exceptions happened, and recommended actions in a manner that can be read in under two minutes
  • Through the feedback we receive, we share our knowledge library that allows them to take advantage of the hundreds of processes we monitor
  • They don’t have to look at hundreds of trends: if there is a variable outside of its normal operating envelope, we identify it
  • Unlike all other data analytics software, we calculate targets and limits by grade, production rate, or custom query.  Automatically, with daily updates
  • We identify when KPIs changed and what tags changed at the same time.  If chemical costs, breaks on a paper machine, or TRS on a boiler increased on Nov 1, we can tell you every tag in your historian that changed on that day
  • We can evaluate a chemical or clothing trial within minutes, identifying not only what changed, but ensuring the timing of the change matched the trial dates
  • Envoy Process Monitor not only alerts variables outside of their normal limits, it monitors for exceptional variation as well

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